Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House Hunting Videos

So, I went to 9 different houses yesterday evening. Mike and I were a little tired out by the end, but we found 2 winner houses, I think.

The first is MLS#28082816... It Redfin isn't pulling it up right now, but you can try looking it up if you want. This house is nice, with a great yard and a hottub. Video below

The Second is the so-called "View House" which has an incredible view out over east capitol hill and out to the cascades. This one is in the U-District very near university villiage. This one has a spa tub, very nice, but is sorta small, great location though. Video below

So which is the blog favorite?


Anonymous said...


The sloped garage driveway seems like a bad idea (ice accumulation and rain runoff).0

That's a small closet for a master bedroom, but other storage areas can make up for it.

Awesome yard. Kitchen looks laid out well.

View House

Great counters, but kitchen looks a little cramped.

Yay, a deck! With an awesome view!

Great master bath. It's like an entire master suite down there.

I like View House a little better than the first one.

Ben said...

Yeah, both driveways are on sloops, but the first house's is much more liable to flood...

The kitchen in the view house is very small, only 1 person at a time, but it has those great windows... And I love the master path in the view house

Unknown said...

I vote for the second house. The kitchen is a bit small but for the space it seems to be nicely laid out. I guess it depends on how much time you spend in the kitchen. If it was just me, that would be just fine. But since I married that Tim fellow - well, he's extremely picky about his future kitchen space, and no kitchen is too spacious!

I love the view too and the nice deck - great for having friends over. Wish we were nearby.

Best of luck, Ben! See you in August!


Anonymous said...

Imho, go for the view house. Views are always nice, and the deck is an awesome place to hang out. Bigger houses are not better - there's more room to lose stuff, more floor surface area to clean, and so on. Also, lawns are the devil - you have to mow them; crazy!

- Nikita.