Monday, May 19, 2008

House Buying is Hard

So, I've finally started the process... Its exciting but also crazy!

My agent is Tammy Hatch, and I'm going to look at some houses tonight. I've already got some pre-qualifications on loans, and I'm working with some loan ppl. Things move fairly fast, it seems. I started on sunday, so very fast. (So many people are working on sunday, its crazy!)

I also bought a video camera to help with the process see it here. This is because everything in life is enhanced with gadgetry. Everything.

Expect some video posts of possible houses, I think!


Dave Goodell said...

Things are moving so fast because the housing market really sucks right now. There are far too many brokers/agents/lenders/sellers/etc out there for the current level of buying. So, any bit of business is like drop of water to someone lost in the Sahara :)

Ben said...

Yeah, that makes sense to me... And everyone is saying "its a buyer's market" so that is cool...

Still, it seems like a whirlwind at this point, since I just started yesterday... Almost overwhelming... But also exciting.

I'm sure the slow parts are coming soon (escrow, inspections, etc)

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Everything will move really quickly, until you find the house you want.

I am interested to see how the video camera works for documenting the houses you'll see. I imagine it'll be better than the hundreds of photos of random rooms (except for the kitchen) that my dad would snap when we were house hunting long ago.