Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great Hunt Continues!

So, Mike and I went out today for quite a bit longer than I was expecting. Anyway, I think we've found two good candidates. Which is good because the last 2 I posted about are already gone :).

The first house we're calling the Weird House, MLS 28032152. This is a really interesting house because of the whole 2nd living space in the basement. The spaces is hard to use, but has a lot of charm and character. Biggest benefit is that its only about 10 mins from South Lake Union, so its the closest house to work that I've looked at so far:

The second house is a Split-level house MLS 28053247. THis ia a very large house with a lot of bigger rooms. It has an enormouse garage (4 car) and a great yard. Its pretty far away, though, ending up all the way in Shoreline. Video below (less edited than other videos, but you'll have to live)

Once again, opinions welcome

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Anonymous said...

I love the Weird House! It's perfectly set up to use that basement living area as a permanent lan/gaming space. Or as a space for traveling relatives to crash in.

The Split Level is nice, and I love the big rooms, but what is up with that wall in the kitchen? My sims would be yelling at me all the time for putting that there. In fact, the kitchen did remind me of something I'd build in the Sims.

If watching House Hunters on HGTV has taught me anything, it's that the house closest to work always wins.