Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazon Kindle: The Re-readin-ing

Just a quick note: Amazon Kindle is out! This is big because its the first e-ink device to launch with a good library of titles, IMO.

Yes, I've already ordered mine. Cool features include:

  1. EVDO Wireless Internet Access - Anywhere, always on, for FREE! No service contracts, no worries!
  2. Free Wikipedia access - The power of the world's shared brain anywhere on a great screen
  3. E-ink display - no backlight need apply, no eye strain, it looks like printed paper
  4. Wireless purchase books where ever you are
  5. 3 thousand launch titles in Sci-Fi/Fantasy alone (88k total)
  6. Email content to your kindle wirelessly
  7. Just In: You can go to arbitrary web pages! (according to the device manual)

There are some disappointments. I don't think a $400 device is going to really revolutionize things, but I hope it will get cheaper as time. Also, its not shipping with PDF support. Hopefully that will change, but it does support MOBI files, which I hear there are PDF -> MOBI file converters.

Anyway, I'll be getting the device tomorrow, so more on it then! Welcome to the future!


Buffalo said...

Lots of exciting stuff in the Ben blog today.

No PDF support? Boo.

Well, as you know I love all things eink without bounds so I'll be very interested to see your impressions of this device. If through some sort of Jeff Bezos-powered supermagic its able to display readable 8.5x11 pages on its little screen (maybe through some sort of telepathic zoom functionality?) you can be sure I'll buy one. I read 8.5x11 pdfs all the time these days so functional epaper would be insanely awesome.

Ben said...

Yeah, the no PDF support is a major downer, especially since I have all those ebooks that I want to read.

But since the content is there, it seems like this should be a good thing even if real PDF support never arrives.

definitely more when I have it